I began this hugging journey almost fifteen years ago. After my first “long hug” experience, which was transformative, I remember two distinct thoughts. First: How is it everyone doesn’t know about this? And second: This is an idea whose time has come. If I don’t do something to promote this, others will. In the last couple of years, I’ve started to hear stories of others who are doing work that seems similar to mine. CNN did a story on a woman in upstate New York. The Huffington Post did an article on a young man in San Franciso. Then there was the recent story about the group in Madison, WI who tried to open a hugging studio, but resistance and suspicion in the community de-railed their efforts.

I never felt like all this was my good idea. It was more like something was shown to me from above. It was bigger than my ego and my insecurity. When I am clear headed about all this, I know it’s my job to just show up in service, and to just let God or the Universe or Spirit (or whatever you might call him/her/it) do the rest. When I get out of the way and let go, things go so much better.

This Sunday feels like my turn, when my segment airs on CBS Sunday Morning. I’ve wondered through the years how to reach a larger audience. When the email from the producer at Sunday Morning landed in my email inbox, I was surprised and thrilled, and little scared too. I had no idea how they’d found me. I’ve been working to spread the word on this gentle, but powerful healing modality for years. ¬†And yet this moment seems bigger than any of my efforts. I feel the hand of grace.


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