The Discovery

I discovered The Ecstatic Embrace during my personal meditation in 2000. While I sat with my eyes closed, a simple image came into my mind’s eye: just me standing there hugging a friend for what seemed a long time.

Intrigued by the idea, I asked someone to try an experimental “long hug” together. The result was astonishing for both of us. At first was the initial comfort of holding someone in an unhurried manner , which blossomed into a remarkable, boundless sense of comfort and connection that only grew deeper through the duration of the experience, which lasted over two hours! My busy mind calmed. I felt completely present; and the exchange of compassion between me and my hugging partner was profoundly open, loving and wonderfully simple.

For hours afterwards, I noticed an afterglow….people out in the world seemed more open and friendly. I saw the blueness of the sky in a fresh way and felt perfectly happy and content. I wondered how it was that everyone didn’t know about this. My further experiments with other open-minded friends verified my hopes…that this experience would repeat itself each time, with only slight differences that reflected each person’s uniqueness. But the basic effect and wonder of the experience itself is consistent.

All this has fueled my passion to spread the news of this profound experience. So I decided to devote myself to developing The Ecstatic Embrace as a professional service. Today, after my hundreds of “hugs”, I continue to be fascinated by the healing potential of this most simple act.

Steve Maher ~ Click here to read Steve’s biography