“Steve’s work is unique. It takes the power of touch to a whole new level. Every time I’ve had a session, I leave with an amazing feeling of openness and calm. And afterwards, I feel like I’ve shed another layer of sadness and pain. More people should know about this process!”
Dr. Michael Lennox
media psychologist

“The hug was comfortable, and for me remarkably like a healing Reikki session, redistributing and sending out old energies, bringing in a sense of trust and completeness…I found the ability to let go of long outdated emotional issues, and found a huge shift in my attitude. (I) left with strong feelings of clarity, forgiveness and a new sense of personal courage and drive–the hug that keeps on giving…”
Lisa B.

“My sessions were some of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. Steve gave me a safe place and loving, caring guidance that helped me grieve losses I held inside for many years. I’t a true healing moment when someone tells you it’s okay to be loved.”
Johnny C.

“…The experience wasn’t what I expected, but it was so much more….I can’t believe the profound realization I had about my father…Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience that time with
P. T.

“Dear Steve, I wanted to tell you right away what an incredible experience I had with you today….WOW, I had no idea I would feel so comfortable, so taken care of, so nurtured and so safe….You were totally at ease with every emotion that poured out of me. I appreciated your words of comfort and understanding… At the end of the time (it certainly didn’t feel like 2 hours)…I felt such a sense of relief and lightness. Thank you so much for this most unique service…”
Ellie Kahn, LMFT
Licensed marriage and family therapist