Individual Sessions

Each Ecstatic Embrace session lasts two hours. The beginning of the session is a simple conversational check in. It is important for everyone to feel safe and comfortable. The beginning of the 90 minute hugging process is in the standing position, which is especially important for first time clients. Once a level of comfort is established, the balance of the session is completed laying down. The body positions are as varied as the imagination. It is enjoyable to experiment intuitively with all the ways that human bodies fit together. Participants wear light, comfortable clothing (such as shorts and a t-shirt) The Ecstatic Embrace session ends very gently and slowly, as it began.

Clients report benefits in the areas of self-esteem, healing from grief and loss, and feelings of depression and isolation.
Fee: $130 (Discounts may be available on a limited basis based on need.)

Group Workshops

See the Events page for current workshops.