Ground Rules

  1. The participants in the Ecstatic Embrace session should always be physically comfortable.  Sometimes a particular body position is very comfortable in the beginning, but uncomfortable later… perhaps a limb has gone to sleep.  Then it is time to change positions. Each person is encouraged to always seek their comfort, but never at the expense of another.
  2. Though sexual feelings may or may not arise (it is fine if they do), this process is not intended to explore that aspect of experience.  The energy that might  otherwise be expressed sexually, when channeled elsewhere, promotes other powerfully positive feelings.
  3. “Small talk”, for its own sake, is discouraged. However, talk related to the experience itself as it is happening is welcome.  It is common for feelings of all sorts to arise, often pleasurable, sometimes related to the past.  And sharing of those feelings is a useful and important aspect of the experience.